Monday, 16 November 2009

Inspiration for ALL the Ladies...Zohra Sarwari...

"People will be what they think they are" - Zohra Sarwari.

Wow - powerful statement - so true - yet so overlooked and when you ponder on its meaning you realise how it can or has affected our lives - and what we have achieved by having such a mindset...

Zohra Sarwari is an established author, coach, entrepreneur, and speaker, sharing her inspiration and love of learning with those around her. As a public speaker and muslim life coach, Zohra focuses on helping people achieve their goals and working with individuals on resolving specific challenges within their lives.
I recently 'discovered' sister Zohra - and all I can say is that alhamdullilah - all praise is to Allah - that I discovered her. AND I had the privilege to actually speak to her and get acquainted! :D
Her passion for her deen, spreading peace, teaching and helping others is not only inspirational to any female (and many males) but also addictive - one wants to hear more and listen to her more and her sincerity is in her words and her work.
Don't think you can't achieve that goal - because YOU can - with the right attitude, tools and help your on your way to achieving your dreams.
I am amazed at her passion to help others and her 'can-do' attitude - and with that same attitude she has achieved and is helping many others achieve - their live goals, dreams and ambitions. You can dream again - because you are on your path to achieving that dream!
I am inspired and drawn towards passionate, inspirational and dedicated people. I've always been a people person - and I find myself in the 'helping others' situation on a daily - its a part of my life now. I'm on the radio presenting and producing the 'Be Inspired' show which has inspired me to make a weekly 5 minute Friday reminder for turBo blog (first one launching this Friday 20th Nov) and I am hoping to take the 'Be Inspired' show from radio to TV within the next year - God-Willing.
I have also decided to become a public speaker - to inspire women, youth and conduct workshops and help people reach their true potential in life - and I have to say after discovering sister Zohra and speaking to her I have made a firm resolve to see it through - God-Willing.
If you're having a downer, feeling low, lost, can't seem to find direction to your life, lacking inspiration and motivation and wonder what your goals are or simply what your purpose in life is (urm read the post below on this topic) then log on to as well as her YouTube Vids.
I could give lots away - I should... BUT - I would like you all to click on the above link and read more about sister Zohra and embark on a new journey to change your life for better - and as I always say to my peeps - 'we only have one life to live - make the most of it - on the straight path'.
So check out sister Zohra, connect with her and sign up to her newsletters and lots of free stuff which will pop into your inbox - to keep you inspired and motivated!
*adds sisters Zohra's books to my wish list' :D

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