Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Power of Passion - for Learning and Knowledge!

...Passion - can be for either good or bad - one of the deadly sins! But we're not talking about sinning here (no no, not on my blog! OK, maybe discuss issues on it - but we do not promote any form of sin rather the opposite!) :)

When someone is full of passion they will go to the extremes - and again, if it is the wrong type then, well, clearly it leads to their destruction. But on the flip side - the 'good' passion is where you use all your energy and abilities to achieve your goals and ultimately live a true and fulfilled life - on the path of Allah - the straight path - and yes you can live a life full of passion - to do good - and yes you will be happy!
Again, this passion will need to be controlled, grounded (work on it) - so for example, if you're starting up a business, or working on a project - you put all your passion into it (i.e energy, abilities etc) - but you don't go to the extreme where - if you're working as part of a team - you start to disrespect the team - treat then unfairly or unequally - just because you're project manager, you're passionate, you want to succeed in it and want to see it to the end - but control that passion - be passionate (I'm a very passionate being myself - I put my heart and soul into what I believe in) but I don't look down on others, or treat then unfairly - soooo far from it! I actually involve them in my projects - or if I need help - I seek it - just ask!
So you have to learn to control your passion and don't become a control freak (if you need help in getting yourselves organised learning to be moderate and balancing your emotions yet succeeding in your goals then insha'Allah drop me a email, comment, or skype me and I will help you out - that's what I'm here for!).
Be passionate about your work and give it 150% and ask Allah to put barakah in your time and work and projects and insha'Allah - you will succeed - guaranteed!
If passion can make one do all sorts - then why are we not passionate about learning and seeking knowledge? And if we are then howcome we are not using our abilities and talents and creativity to help others? *lets you all ponder...think, reflect - take 2 mins*...
Also, why is it that its the tiny little beings - our young ones - who are yearning to learn and climb a mountain at their precious little age - and us elders are like 'not motivated, can't be bothered, don't know what to do in life'? (again, I'm here to help out - so just hollah if you need to talk).
My cousin and I have set up a young girls club - it launched today - called 'Knowledge Seekers Club (c)' or KSC (Islamic Studies, activities and all things inspirational) - and its for girls aged 7 to 18 year old (we have two groups reflecting their ages). I actually started 'scouts' at home with my nieces back in 2001 (inspiration whilst coming out of itikaaf in Ramadhan) then got busy and stuff - (yup, that excuse!) - and restarted it this Ramadhan. I was inspired to take it further because the tiny little beings had questions such as 'Judgment Day', 'Death', 'Hereafter' etc - so i decided that they needed more - lets give them more! My cousin came and she also wanted be part of it and so I said - 'Bismillah' - and it launched today - Alhamdullilah.
Through advertising and marketing I came across alot of different people, ideas, thoughts - and I was amazed at some parents literally begging me to take on their 5/6 year old - and others - well they just don't care! Group one (7 to 12year old) fully booked - group two (13 to 18 year old) struggling to get the numbers - girls don't want to be in the club, attitude and generally miserable! All parents reading this - please times a billion - start at a very early age with your kids and help them learn, develop and just BE who they are - don't leave it too late - please - and if you're reading this and you can relate to the group two scenario - start interacting with your daughters, nieces, sisters - its vital - the world out there is seriously screwed up and it will do anything to take our daughters away from morality and innocence (they are at it big time - mind control blog post to come soon).
Bring back the passion into their lives - passion to exist and be whole - to learn and to grow - to believe and to achieve - there is still hope and all one needs is the right attitude and the passion to teach and help - and our daughters will be protected from the evil the media is feeding them.
Start reading (if you have stopped), start learning and be hungry and thirsty for knowledge - as knowledge is waiting for you. Keep the passion for knowledge and learning alive and don't underestimate its powers - it really can change one for the better as well as make positive changes to the world and those suffering and waiting for our help...
(I wrote some short stories - one for my English assessment many years ago and one recently and one I'm working on - you'll get those real soon as ebooks! For the younguns and for the elder ones - working on some inspirational short ebook for you) :)

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