Monday, 21 June 2010

Freedom of Speech and Movement!

Oh, the irony! - and talk about upholding the values and principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)!

And what really gets to me (and since this is my blog I can give my opinions) is the fact that I paid £3,600 to read for a Masters degree just this last year in LLM International Human Rights so I could work in the field of 'human rights' and do my part in spreading some peace in the universe. I guess the saying is true - 'help yourselves before you help others' - so I suppose I will need to help the UK understand what the values and principles of the UDHR are before I go around spreading peace!

Dr Zakir Naik, a renowned Indian speaker on 'comparative religion' and with a mission to spread peace across the globe has been excluded from entering the UK for his 'Peace Tour' - where he would have delivered speeches across London, Birmingham and Sheffield.

The New British Parliament suddenly sees him as a threat - why? Well, for spreading peace! (Exactly!).

The media has done a fantastic job as always to misinterpret people and to spread hate - taking many things out of context and using them where they feel appropriate - to cause more hate and problems.

And, as always, it is left to the peaceful citizens to pick up the pieces! Sometimes I wonder, 'how do these people sleep at night?!'

But we shall persevere - and we shall work even harder to spread peace and harmony. If you would like to read more about this issue or in fact get involved and do your part or have your say then please check the following website.

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