Friday, 11 June 2010

South Africa 2010 - FIFA World Cup

...May the Best Team Win!!!

And am I referring to the England team? Well, naturally - Yes! :D

But, honestly...may the best team win - and that team is the team who works together, is focused, determined, passionate and dedicated.

These are some of the key and core skills in team work and team play - and they are not only essential on the football pitch - but in fact they are key and core skills in the board room, when starting up and working on a project in any given field and almost anywhere where team work is required.

I used to be a football fanatic when I was younger - played it and watched it passionately. But over the years got busier in other work. I will be spending some time with the family watching the footie World Cup (watched the opening ceremony and South Africa v Mexico with mum and dad!) - so I shall be enjoying and rooting on all teams - I hope you all enjoy it too.

Don't forget - if a football team is a 'team' then we should all be a 'team' - and what I mean by that is watch the footie, have a BBQ and have fun - no need for violence and hurting each other - after all its just another sport - another game! If the football players don't beat each other up then why do the fans get into this hooliganism? Pathetic really! (I don't only blame the alcohol but I blame the mental state of people in the world today!).

So this World Cup - enjoy the footie and lets not have any violent clashes and hooligan behaviour. Oh and let me know your thoughts on it - do you love football or loath it? Whichever it is its going to be fantastic! :)


  1. How u doin Turbo :)
    I'm not a huge fan of soccer (football), but i have no choice but to watch 4(males) against 2(moi and my mom)at home. It's not as exciting as it was before, with all the craziness that's happening in the world. A soccer game is the least of my worries!!

  2. ...hey shereeboo! im hangin in dere - will be back on FB soon for a good catchup iA. Yeh, ive been watching it with family - its ok - its football - lol! But we need to discuss the crazinees and get into action to sort it out - up for it? ;)