Monday, 7 June 2010

No Excuses - Its 2010!

...You ever wondered who these Islamists are? Where do they come from? What do they want? What is their hidden agenda and why are they so against the 'Western World'???

...Yeah - I'm still wondering who they are too! :D

My name is turBo - and I'm NOT a terrorist! But y'all knew that right?...Right??? At this point you can all nod your heads to say 'yes, we know you ain't!'

Ive called this post 'No Excuses - its 2010'. Why? Simply because we are at an advanced stage of the human race where man has (through God's Will) made many discoveries - education, medicine, technology etc and everything is literally at our fingertips.

If we need to find out about something - we use the popular search engines on the Internet and the info appears infront of us within seconds.

However, this advancement - although its for our benefit - can also be very detrimental if it falls in the wrong hands! Too many people hating and wanting to cause friction between each other and communities.

Amongst these people there are those who have devoted their lives - or atleast part of it - in spreading the truth and providing us all with information which can open our minds and change the way we think - for the better.

I know there are many of you who visit my blog from across the globe - and I have no idea whether you are male or female or whether you are a person of a faith or not. You may have come across alot of stuff on the Internet as well as television about Muslims and because most of it is negative you now have a very negative view of Muslims (not all of you ofcourse).

I don't blame you - because media is a very powerful tool. I'm part of the media - and this blog is truly international - so I know what effects my words can have once written and posted.

So we don't have an excuse - if we don't know something - we search it - and we should. We should make up our own mind about things and not be influenced by negative media coverages.

So, here in the UK some professionals have got together to help us understand who Muslims are and what Islam teaches. Ive checked out the website and I'm giving it a thumbs up and sharing it with you all here. Please check it out - enjoy the read and pass it on to all those whom may benefit.
The campaign is called; 'Inspired by Muhammad' and the link to the website is:
No Excuses - Its 2010!

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