Monday, 8 November 2010

IAW - Islamic Astronomy Seminar

So, continuing with the Islam Awareness Week, another seminar was organised which I was really looking forward to - 'Islamic Astronomy'.

It was at Birmingham Think Tank at the Millennium Point and I've been saying for a few years now that I will visit the Think Tank - but never got round to it. But thank God that I finally did! Although pushed for time I couldn't enjoy the whole Think Thank Museum, I was glad that I finally went and totally recommend it to you all. If you're ever visiting Brum in the UK make sure you visit the Think Tank! =)

The seminar took place in a Planetarium. It was a good turnout. Introductory seminar - so they managed to get in the main points. The speakers were fantastic. Q&A was brilliant.

And then....all lights out....we were in the night sky!

It was amazingly beautifully gorgeous!

The sky was full of stars, planets, sun, moon!

It went round and round and round - and so did my head! And I have realised that I suffer from motion sickness! I wasn't prepared for it - but, hey, well turBo usually does jump into the deep end in life (that's the best place to learn something!)

I learnt lots - especially about the influence of Islam and early Muslim pioneers in this field and made a firm resolve to study astronomy and astro-physics from next October onwards, insha'Allah! I've got a thing for space, solar systems, unseen world, spiritualness - you get me! Oh, and even today astronomers use the Arabic name for the stars (the stars have names!). And, there is one star which Allah (swt) mentions in the Qur'an by name - and that star is referred to by that very same name by the astronomical world!

Two main points of benefits - actually there were loads - but I discovered how to determine the position of the qibla (direction for prayer for Muslims) wherever I am in the world by looking at the North Star - which is always there - in the north - then you turn 180 degrees south and twist half way towards your left - which is east - and you have found the qibla - how cool is that?

And also that one can see the Milky Way - its a band of white cloud which goes around the sky - just the way a rainbow would have that kind of arch shape.

Some advice for us all by the experts - enjoy the night sky - go out at night and stare at the beautiful starry night - teach your kids - tell them about the names of stars, planets, play games like 'spot the star' and go out to the country side to enjoy the beautiful night sky - cities are too polluted!


  1. Masha Allah, Turbo it's really interesting..May Allah increase your knowledge..would you post some pics some where??

  2. ...ameen! And may Allah (swt) answer all your duas also - both in this world and the next! Ameen!

    No pics from this specific event as it was indoors - however, if you scrol down on this blog, on the right side there is the astronomy pic of the day - click on it and it should give you links to more astronomy websites - and as i study this field i shall share lots more info i learn - so we can lear together! :)