Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Leadership and Managment

Every year in the UK the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) organise a week in autumn called, 'Islamic Awarness Week' (IAW).

It invites Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK to come and learn about Islam and Muslims.

Many events, seminars and courses are organised during the week - and after so many years (I know, I know) I attended my first one! Yay!

The course I attended was called 'Leadership and Management - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People', which looked at the model developed by Stephen Covey - need to get the book!

It was fantastic - I learnt so much - I was also helping out on the night - but I have to say that the presenter was inspiring and engaging and we had all ages attending the course.

Please purchase the book - if you haven't already - join the Facebook page for it and enjoy learning something new!

It was also nice to finally meet many faces that I only know from Facebook and network with new peeps.

I will be attending another seminar organised by IAW this Saturday - Islamic Astronomy Seminar (a new subject which I want to delve into real soon!) - I'm soooo excited - watch this space for my feedback!

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