Monday, 22 November 2010

KSC - Knowledge Seekers Club is 1 Year Old Today!

Launched a year ago - KSC - Knowledge Seekers Club is 1 Year old!

Hamdullilah - All praise is to the Almighty for making it possible and allowing me to inspire all those tiny angels out there!

Knowledge Seekers Club - making Islam fun to learn
- is for 5 - 11 year old - boys and girls where they learn both the theory and practical - which involves group work and games.

We also have our very own KSC library - all kids get a library card and can borrow up to three books for two weeks.

Also 11 - 16 year old girls get a chance to continue their studies by upgrading to KSSC - Knowledge Seekers Sisters Circle, as well as sessions for girls 16+.

Inspired by my nieces and nephew back in 2001 - KSC came to teach a new generation - the ambassadors of Islam.

This is just the beginning - in the long run KSC and KSSC will be delivering sessions across the UK as well as going global.

We will also launch a 'Reading Room' in the community - where children from the wider community can benefit from the KSC library and attend homework clubs.

Jazaakumullah khair to each and everyone of you for your continuous support and duas!

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