Monday, 11 July 2011

My Inspirational Geniuses

...We ALL have someone or a group of some people who have inspired us in our lives or who are our daily inspirations.

It could be just the one person who inspires and uplifts you - your coach, your mentor, your parents, friends, siblings, colleagues - or even prominent politicians, historical and even religious figures (and for Muslims, Prophet Muhammad is just awe inspiring in every way - as well as all his companions and followers from the advent of Islam).

We can be inspired and in fact should be inspired by all walks of life and all people - who have made a difference in the world - for the better - for peace and happiness.

***Who's YOUR daily inspiration?***

My daily inspirational dose comes from my nieces (Yes, I love my nephews too - too much!). My nieces are 'Geniuses' and they never fail to inspire, motivate and encourage me!

As part of my 'We Be Inspired' venture (, I inspire and motivate people to live their bestest life - to help them find their 'Unique Purpose' in life. I am a 'Spiritual and Creative Mentor'.

Now with that revelation and disclaimer (y'all knew that right?) you would assume that I'm on a turBo flow on a 24/7 (which, I am!) and never lose sight of inspiration or motivation, right?

Wrong! I'm a human being - and like everyone else I also need my daily motivational soup for the soul.

My nieces are my inspiration and there is so much to learn from them.

If you have kids, nieces, nephews, younger siblings - then please spend some quality time with them - play with them, let them teach you!

Do you remember when you were little? What was that life like? All those dreams? Imagination running wild, games, fun time with friends.

Why do we lose that when we grow up? Who said that we had to be so serious and not dream any more or imagine the best life that we once used to imagine? Who made these rules? How did adults become so boring?!

My nieces (and nephews) all remind me of me! They all have a bit of me somewhere and it's amazing to see them talk, explaining their dreams, their visions - it reminds me how I was when I was little.

They teach me to continue living with passion and always be happy - to always smile and laugh and to always remember that tomorrow is brighter.

I'm so blessed to have such beautiful moments and I try my best to spend time with them all whenever I can. Each enjoys something different. One likes me to push her on the swing and listen to her school stories, the other I'm training football with, yet the other one is a biz woman with ideas all over, another is a bookworm and yet the others are into hair and beauty - and the boys? Ah, well, my boys will always be boys!

I have so much to learn and be grateful for on a daily. I'm blessed with my very own inspirational geniuses.

So go on - go out today and get YOUR inspirational Geniuses - to inspire and motivate you on your journey in life! And whilst your at it, don't forget to sprinkle a bit of your own inspirational and motivational dust on all those whom you meet - you never know whose life you may touch today! (:

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