Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Soulful Therapy

"Every Soul Shall Taste Death!"

...following from my last post - where I blogged about attending a lecture on the 'Believing Soul' - I attended a workshop on shrouding today.

Death is sometimes seems as a 'morbid' subject - I mean once the Angel of Death comes then that's it - its over - so we're living right now - so why talk about death?

Unfortunately many people have this view - and why? Because death means cutting off from what is 'real' and 'being alive' and they are afraid of the unknown - afraid of what will happen next.

It doesn't have to be like this - we don't have to feel like this at all and as Muslims its our duty to learn about death - the reality of it - our purpose in this world and why we are here.

If you're a non-Muslim reading this then I invite you to ponder the reality of death and the reality of creation and our purpose here in this world.

When we learn about this - then there is no fear - there is hope and there is excitement in returning to our Lord and meeting Him.

So, I learnt a lot at the workshop - how the 'body' (I don't like us being called a body when we die - I hope they still call me by my name when I die!) is washed, cleaned, the whole process, the shroud, how many pieces for women and men and how the deceased is wrapped and how the funeral pray is performed.

I was blessed to be amongst the company of knowledgeable women and to have learnt so much and the best part - they made lots of dua - supplications - and I always love being part of that!

I pray that Allah (swt) guides us all on the path of righteousness in this world and our end is a good end with the words, 'There is no god but Allah' on our lips - ameen! (:

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