Saturday, 23 July 2011

Beach Party - Again! (:

...That's Gorgeous! (me thinks) What do you think?

Today I had the second best day of my life this year (the first being my birthday).

We went on another beach trip. This time to 'Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Wales'.

The pic above is the first in the series of pics I took as soon as we got off the coach. It's a gate on the left hand side, to the corner, and through it you can see the sea.

Last time when we went to the beach the tide never came in, so this time I was praying hard. I mean, you can't have a beach trip and then not go play/swim in the sea!

The weather was beautiful and warm - not too too hot, but it was okay. The sand was golden brown and gorgeous.

One would think that in the UK just because the weather is not always as bright and glorious that the beaches won't be as beautiful as those in the Mediterranean, however all I can really say is that I fell in love with Whitmore Bay and I didn't want to come back!!!

I climbed the cliff with the kids (nieces and nephew), went to the edge - hey, come on, I'm a dare devil me, I have to do one of my stunts - there's no fun otherwise! (any kids reading this, do not try it!!!) - and took lots of pics.

Whitmore Bay is a small bay - intimate, private yet full of family fun. I do like a long beach - sand stretching from one end to the next - but with the amazing weather, clean golden beach, hours of fun in the sea - it was truly a day to remember!

Anytime I have my low moments I know where I will instantly anchor myself to - back to the golden beach - lying in the sun, soaking it all in and starring at the beautiful sea.

Everyone in the UK, my family and I totally recommend you go visit and spend a family day or even a quiet day to yourself at Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Wales - the people there are wonderful and if the weather is beautiful then you'll have hours and hours of fun.

Anyone of you visiting the UK or planning on visiting - then definitely pop down 'Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Wales' on your 'Visit these places' list.

An amazing day out - lots of fun and lots of sun, sand and sea - perfect - just the way I like it!

This will definitely be my 'I'm so happy' moments and memories forever on planet Earth! (:

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