Thursday, 21 July 2011

Naturally Beautiful - Gardening Part 1

...So, today was scheduled in as 'Gardening Day'.

Okay, okay - I know what you're thinking; 'She schedules in gardening in her diary? Weirdo!'

Well I had to! I mean, seriously - with the grace of the Almighty - my schedule is seriously off the hook! And if I don't schedule it in, it won't happen!

I used to do a lot of gardening when I was younger - I had my own watering can - it was red with a white mouth (the part where the water flows from) and I used to help mama all the time.

We had two gardens - in the first we had a big flower patch and in the other garden (you had to open the gate and cross the path to the next garden - cool haan?) we had the veggies and herbs and strawberries (mmmmm!).

I remember planting my own apple and orange seeds. I had two small brown pots and I popped some soil in them, popped in the seeds, watered them, labeled them and looked after them. I even remember when my brother knocked my pots down whilst playing football (I love football!) - oooo, I wasn't too happy about that! Anyway, the seeds did grow and there was a green shoot shooting out of the soil with some small green leaves - but I think they died....

Anyway, to present day 2011 - it's been a serious while - and I want to get my fingers all green and spend some time amongst the plants and nature - cos, really, I love the great, green outdoors.

However, weather hasn't been too good (not a valid reason (excuse)) and well I have made a plan for my gardening session - I'm going to plant herbs and veggies. Mama has already done some - and she really wants me to take pics and make a photo album for facebook (will do iA!) She loves plants and flowers - I write this in the front room amongst indoor plants! :)

I also need to get two big rectangular box things (i don't know the proper name) and I will pop all my herbs and veggies in there. I will make a short, sweet and quick video and I'll be back in 'Gardening Part 2'! - erm, soon God-willing!

In the meantime - enjoy the above pic from the front garden. The roses are dying now but there's still some plants there.

Being in nature is beautiful and soulfully therapeutic! It brings us closer to our Creator - and well I'm excited about my gardening session and doing some dikhr at the same time - there's something so deeply cool about it!

Do you enjoy gardening? Have you got a story? Do share with us all! (:

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