Monday, 18 July 2011

Souls of Believers

"O content soul, come back to your Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing. So, enter among My (special) servants, and enter My Paradise."
Surah Fajr Verses 27 - 30

I attended a short lecture at the Masjid (mosque) yesterday (Sunday) - about the 'Souls of Believers' (delivered by UKIM).

The brother went through the description of the believing soul - what will happen at the time of death - how the angels will be around him and take him above to Allah's Throne and how he will be honoured - and the grave will welcome him/her.

Amazing and beautiful description from the Hadith!

He also talked about role models for our youth today - both for girls and boys - how the wrong role models are being followed - because its 'cool'.

***Action Point*** - 'to check whom our role models are, or whom our young ones (kids, siblings, nieces, nephews) are following or imitating and fix up! Like now!'

The lecture was short, sweet and to the point - and although it was based around the Hadith and what happens to a soul at the time of death - I couldn't get the above ayah (verse) out of my head.

Believing souls have nothing to fear and should hope for Allah's mercy - they have everything to look forward to - believing souls - who worship Allah day in day out and never tire - they speak the truth and protect their chastity - they keep a hold on their relations with their kith and kin and volunteer their services wherever possible - believers whom Allah will be well pleased with.

***Reflection Moment*** - Please read the above verse - and for those who can't read the Arabic then I've put the English translation.

Reflect upon it - its truly amazing! (:

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