Monday, 5 September 2011

Got the post-Ramadan blues?

...Why is it when Ramadan comes everyone is on such a spiritual-high - but it only last 30 days?

...Did you know that it takes 30 days to develop and implement a new habit and it takes 90 days for that habit to become like second nature?

***Reflection Moment***

I've got three quick tips for you to keep the spiritual high even after Ramadan insha'Allah.

1. Dua: Its a weapon of the believer and it is a connection and communication with Allah. Remember that long dua list you made during Ramadan and especially for the Last 10 Nights? Well don't give up on it and continue with it daily - after every prayer - after fajr prayer or at a time when you're most alert. Make a special dua to Allah to keep you steadfast and keep you going - especially when you feel low, poorly or external stuff is happening.

2. Belief: Our system has a lot to deal with daily - so its only natural for our belief - imaan - to waiver. We are human, so this will happen. Don't beat yourself up over it - but rather recognize it and work towards strengthening it - and know that your Lord is the best of planners and He will do the best for you - because you're making dua - supplicating - to Him and asking from Him.

3. Continuity: Even if its little a day. Even if you started your prayers and you're on two or three a day. Stick to it - because by sticking to it and believing that you can do it and that Allah is with you because you have made dua to Him and asked Him to help you you can achieve it! And you will be able to increase it everyday. If you want to read more Qur'an and are struggling then read a couple of pages a day - or even couple of verses - but stick to it - and everyday you will automatically add to it because you will want to achieve your goal of reading more.

There are many more tips and you may have some also. Please do share them with us all. These were three quick tips - write these down and add more from other resources or articles you have read and increase your own tip list and work on it.

Hope it helps insha'Allah (:

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