Friday, 16 September 2011

Whoze turBo???

...Well, YOU should've read the very first blog post - you still can - to find out about turBo, But today I'm going to give you an insight into who I am; 31+ Facts you never knew - so enjoy! (:

Full Name: Nadia Leona Yunis (Mughal-Ansari)

1. Why Leona? It was the first name she was given as soon as she popped out her moms oven - so no it has nothing to do with that Lewis lady! Liek, who is she anyway?!

Leona means Lioness (brave lioness).

2. How old is she? Take a guess, win a prize! (3 guesses only!)

3. Why turBo? 'Coz she has a super-power known as the 'Triple S' - 'Super-Sonic-Speed' syndrome - speaks too fast - doesn't make sense, works at sonic-speed and then falls ill! (See how fast YOU read that?!)

4. How many nicknames does she have? Too many - lost count!!! Once known as 'Tina' (in first decade) it rhymed with sisters nicks! And also knows as 'Charlie' (in second decade) - bro named her that - she lieks! But for close family and friends its; 'nadi'.

5. Extremely clumsy and has many bruises - 'ouch!'

6. NBN - nocturnal by nature, may be a vamp (has fangs)...

7. A writer since age 10 (written many short stories to be published as eBooks on turbo flow dot com - one day soon iA). Wrote her autiobio at age 15 (for school assessment) wana read it? :D

Is also a blogger and vlogger.

8. Is a rapper (singer/dancer - its a hobby - keep your fatwas to yourself) <3 2Pac <3

9. Default right-brain creative, loves arty stuff and cartoonist. Don't be fooled thou - logic left brain is fully trained and sharp

10. Fast-learner (thank you Allah) and photographic memory - doesn't forget anything (take note!)

11. Studious, geek, nerd - loves books, pens, papers - complete sucker for it - lieks studious peeps and loves droosing.

12. Loves sports - football/basketball/badminton - played them all and trained martial arts 'kung fu and kickboxing'

13. Edu Background - Law, Islam, Shariah, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Biz Management...

14. Multilingual and multi-talented (thank you Allah)

15. A student of knowledge - law, Islam and personal-development (NLP Rocks!)

16. Volunteers at few places - they are good causes!

17. Entrep - runs 3 biz; KSC, KSSC, WBI and more in the pipeline iA

18. Radio presenter and Producer (Unity FM) and did some TV producing/directing (RTV2010). Wants to do more TV iA (any TV producers reading this?)

19. Spiritually and Creatively inclined - intuition/visions/dreams work over-time - liek totally!

20. Loves nature, trees, plants, greeny stuff, mountains, sea, sand (beach!) desert. Wants to go deep-sea diving and jump outa a plane.

21. Animal-lover!!! Cats, lions, tigers, horses, wants to own a zoo and horse stables!

22. Has a thing for ladoos! And eats all that's halaal. Grew up on sweets and chocs. Loves fruits and vegs (I love my greens - honest!)

23. A people-person who loves all from all walks of life and makes a home wherever she goes. Loves all family and friends!

24. Uniquely Different and seriously weird - is not 'normal' and loves being herself - well, who else would she be eh?!

25. Wants to travel the world - who wants to come along?

26. Childhood best friends include teddys and dolls - I still have them, brought a special box for them and they are sleeping in there

27. Sometime can talk forever - can you tell? But sometimes will drift into a 'deep-thinking' mode

28. Is a conspiracist and loved the X-files when she was younger. I Believe in Aliens! :|

29. Has a child-like innocence, extremely curious and enquisitorial, oh and she's cute!

30. Is a info/techno junky. Has a knack for research and is quick in a quick way

31. Last, but defo not least, loves Allah liek crazy and loves her Qur'an!

More info...

Read Bio here ---» FB info/LinkedIn info/websites/ask fam and friends - but don't believe everything they say!

KSC & KSSC websites under construction

We Be Inspired ---» is on twitter; and website

Can be contacted via: email/fone/txt/msn/bbm/whatsapp

Email: (main email add not here - too many spamsters!)

...And that's a Rap (for now) (:

(ps - that's a pic of me when I climbed Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia, Wales in July 2006 to raise money for the Horn of Africa)

(pps - when I was lil, THEY KILLED MA CHICKEN!!! - it's true - it really happened!)

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