Saturday, 17 September 2011

Naturally Beautiful - Gardening Part 2

OK, so I was supposed to do 'Gardening' but it was Ramadan and then the 'Last 10 Inspirations' eBook for - so liek, so much happened!

However, when I finally got some time (plus mama said we ran out of soil and had to buy more) to do my share of gardening - the 'planting season' had ended!

You have to plant (majority) of the vegs between Jan-June!

But luckily mama had been doing her share and we got loads of vegs and the pears this
year (just like last year) are off the hook!

However, I'm still going to plant some herbs etc and my pot with soil is waiting for me!

I've just uploaded an album on facebook with about 100 pics from the garden and the pear tree (we used to have an apple tree - she died!). So if you are on facebook and you are a buddy then you can see all the pics. They look gorgeous.

Its Autumn and winter is round the corner - though it may come around earlier. I'll talk to mama and see if we can plant some autumn/winter vegs and plants - she loves gardening!

Happy Gardening! (:

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