Monday, 19 September 2011

Survival of the Fittest

***Picture of the Day - Caught Red-Handed***

A big spider got crushed (by one of us) and lil spider made a web, tangled big one and taking home for dinner!!! Talk bout survival of the fittest! (But dad intervened and off in the bin they go!)

OK, I'm judging - he could have been taking him home for a private burial? No?

I took a couple of pics - each time the lil spider couldn't drag him, he would climb back down and tangle him more and secure him - it was truly fascinating.

Last year I discovered a million and one nest of eggs on the kitchen window - a spider laid her eggs and then disappeared - or I think after spiders give birth they die - but anyways, every day I watched how they hatched and then they all climbed to the roof - I mean they just hatched and opened their eyes - it was amazing (I think I have a pic - will find it for you all).

I suppose its all about survival isn't it?! lol :D

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