Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Ka'bah

...The House of Allah - here on planet Earth - isn't it just Gorgeous, masha'Allah!!!!

Do you have beautiful memories of places you have visited - places which have had a deep impact on your soul - and its really changed you in some way or another?

Do you vividly remember those memories - I mean, can you actually visualise it - like, right now?

I have many beautiful memories with my loved ones - however when I look back at the pictures I can't seem to transport myself back there (I'm just weird like that!).

But the Ka'bah? Just by looking at the pic above I can feel, see, hear, touch, smell, taste - the whole works - it - I mean, as if I'm right there right now!

Now THAT is an amazing feeling!

You know, even looking at the Ka'bah is a form of worship and solace for the soul...

I looked at the above pic and suddenly I was back there and felt it all, smelt it all, heard it all - and really that doesn't happen with me - not with everything or places I've visited.

***Reflection Moment: stare at the Ka'bah for a while***

I pray that each eye that is reading this is blessed to visit the house of Allah for Hajj and Umrah and gets to visit and pray at the Prophets (pbuh) mosque and if you have already been then you're blessed with it again - me and my fam too - ameen!

Ps - thanks to my mate Kas in Bolton for letting me use his pic for this post. He went for Umrah during the last part of Ramadan this year - may Allah (swt) accept it from him - ameen! (:

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